Range Rope Leashes and Masks for Covid-19


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⭐️Shop Announcement⭐️

This pandemic has been really tough on so many people. One thing I’ve been trying to do every day (besides perfecting my G&T) is to find ways to help. In Calgary we have a group making masks for those who need them (Mask Makers YYC). It’s basically a many hundred (thousand!) person city-wide sewing bee. I’ve been sewing as quickly as I can to help. To be able to donate even more masks here is what’s happening:

? I’m pausing sales on Range Rope Leashes from the website and Etsy. These leashes are time-consuming and take (literally) days to make. I know this is bananas because this is the busiest time of year for people to buy them – but I feel like I need to focus on masks and help.  I’m going to start a waitlist for these leashes, add your info below, I’ll open it up in batches and email you to let you know when I am taking orders again.

If you need a rope leash right away, I can connect you with an awesome stockist.

Wholesale orders of Range Rope Leashes are not affected.

Blue and teal biothane dog leash

**Explore Leashes are still available!
They are waterproof, dirt proof and ready for any adventure! Perfect for spring mud and summer swims



? I’m selling masks on a buy one give one model. This will allow me to keep buying supplies needed to make masks for anyone who needs one but cannot afford one or sew one themselves. If I get to the point that I have enough supplies or hit sewing capacity, the extra funds will be directed to the YYC Mask Makers Group and Food Banks Canada

You can get them here!

**These are non-medical fabric masks**

There are many patterns out there and many organizations and individuals looking for masks.  If you can, help!

[Updated May 11 2020] I’ve written a quick tutorial on how I sew the masks I am making, you can find it here.

There are many patterns out there and many organizations and individuals looking for masks.  If you can, help! For example, the Mask Makers group in Calgary has donated more than 7,000 masks within our province but there still is a waiting list of over 3,000!

I know there is tons of controversy around masks, and PPE, and selling masks. I have been reluctant to sell masks for this reason. But I recognize that buying masks is one way for people to access them.  And using a buy-one-give-one model means we all get to help people who can’t purchase them. If no one buys any masks, I’ll keep sewing them to donate! The demand and need isn’t going away any time soon.