Mask Making Instructions

Simple directions for a DIY face covering

Materials and Tools 


  • Cotton fabric
  • An old t-shirt or jersey material
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Sewing machine or patience with hand sewing

Optional (but very recommended)

  • Iron
  • Rotary Cutter/Mat
  • Pinking shears/Pinking blade
  • Sewing clips or hair clips
  • Safety pin
1. Cut fabric:

Front fabric: 10”w x 9”h
Back fabric: 7.5w x 7”h




2. Press the top hems of the front and back fabric

Front fabric: press a double seam at top of fabric (this goes over your nose and is where nose wire goes)

  • Fold ¼ inch & press
  • Fold again ½-¾ inch & press

Back fabric: press a double seam at top of fabric (this is the top of the filter pocket opening)

  • Fold ¼ inch & press
  • Fold again ¼ inch & press
  • Sew this seam down the entire way across

3. Create the pocket for the nose wire:
  • I’ve found a 3.25” wire works best
  • Mark sew two vertical lines to create pocket at centre of fabric

Nose wire pocket sewing guide

4. Sew top to bottom
  • With right sides together sew the bottom of the top to the bottom of the back of the mask aligning the centre of both fabrics.
5. Now for the pressing:
  • Press open

  • Press wrong sides together lining up the bottom of the back fabric (this is the pocket opening) with the bottom of the nose wire pocket

  • Fold the raw edges of the front fabric in about ¼” & press

  • Now for the pleats! This is the best method for pleats out there:
  • Press your pleats and clip into place

(back view)

6. Place your nose wire into the pocket
7. Sewing the final mask
  • Sew around the sides and top of the mask

  • Then fold the sides over to create the pocket for the ties
  • Sew this closed as close to the edge of the fabric as you can

Thread the ties through the mask and tadaa!

To improve fit:  I’ve found a small dart in the chin improves fit dramatically.  To sew, fold mask right sides together and sew a small vertical line ½” from each edge


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