What we believe

We think that life should be an adventure – and the best partner in any adventure has four legs.

Whether it’s a walk to a neighbourhood coffee shop or a scramble to a mountain top, your dog loves spending every moment with you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  We make dog gear for you and your dog – dog gear for every adventure!

Good gear is worth its weight in gold.  We think your dog’s gear should be just as thoughtfully and well made as yours. If something isn’t as perfect as we are able to make it, it doesn’t go out the door.

We believe in the ethical and humane treatment of all animals and are proud supporters of animal rescue.  A portion of all of our sales goes to supporting animal rescue organizations. When you shop with us, know that part of what you spend goes to help dogs and other animals in need of a second chance.

Everything you buy from North Range Dogs is made by hand for you and the adventures you and your dog share in Calgary, Alberta.

Who's behind North Range Dogs?



Hi, I’m Shannon! I’m the Chief Human Officer (CHO) here at North Range Dogs.  I could tell you that I created North Range Dogs and design the gear we make because I love dogs and the daily adventures that come with living with and loving dogs, but I bet you’ve already figured that out. I started out making dog gear for us – the kind of dog gear I wanted to use, and then people started asking if I could make stuff for them too. I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and love working with dogs and their humans to live their best lives together!



Hi, I’m Wade!  Cricket & Ranger think I am the Chief Cookie Officer (CCO), but really I am involved in making and shipping your dog gear to you. I can splice a Range Rope Leash faster than anyone else around here. I work hard with the dogs to test all of the designs and take the minutes at the weekly company-wide muddy adventure meetings.



Hi I’m Cricket!  I am the Chief Dog Officer (CDO) here at North Range Dogs.  I basically keep this ship headed in the right direction, and without me these humans would be lost.  I’m head of our Product Testing Department, I regularly organize corporate Muddy Adventure retreats, and hand out daily bonuses to the humans in the form of kisses and tail wags.

VP of Dog Stuff

Hi, I’m Ranger!  I am the VP of all of the dog shenanigans around here.  My favourite things are barking, playing ball, and disc.  I help the rest of the team by being adorable and making sure everyone has someone to make them laugh everyday. 


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